Monday, September 20, 2010

Sourdough Bread for a Gluten Free Diet

Sourdough Bread for a Gluten Free Diet-a Better Source of Minerals and Potentially

Better Tolerated by Persons with Wheat-Related Health Problems

Choose sourdough for the best nutrition among commercially

baked breads, suggests a study published in the journal Nutrition.

This animal study compared mineral absorption from different

breads: reconstituted whole wheat flour (white flour plus bran, a

typical formulation), yeast bread and sourdough bread. Of all

three breads, not only was the content of phytate, which prevents

absorption of calcium, lower in sourdough, but the absorption of

iron, zinc, and copper was enhanced. Another study, published in

Applied and Environmental Microbiology showed that

sourdough bread fermented with the help of selected Lactobacilli,

nontoxic flours, and a long fermentation time was fairly well

tolerated by a group of 17 persons previously diagnosed with

celiac disease. Although the purpose of this study was to help

develop a prototype wheat bread product that might be tolerated

by persons with wheat sensitivity, the results of this study seem

promising for future attempts to prepare wheat in a natural way

that may improve its teroperability.

MedicineNet Daily News


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